These are our releases so far. You can listen to all of them with the embedded Bandcamp player, or listen to them in our Bandcamp page. Enjoy!

Lucifer's Fall - Fuck You We're Lucifer's Fall (MCD)

Release date: September 2016

New MCD of these australian badass doomers. We're extremely pleased of releasing this stuff, as they are one of the best doom bands around. Motherfucking doom metal, powerful and heavy, only for freaks of doom and riff worshippers.

The Human Condition - Pathways (CD)

Release date: June 2016

Debut album of this english band. 50 minutes of epic, technical and sorrowful doom metal. With members and ex-members of Unsilence, The River and Misericorde.

Misty Grey - Grey Mist (CD)

Release date: April 2016

After two years of doomed events, we can finally enjoy this awesome slab of spanish doom metal. Previously edited in tape by Shadow Kingdom Records and now in CD by Out of the Past, Vertebrae and us. For fans of Pentagram, Witchfinder General or Reino ErmitaƱo.